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small rubber playground flooringAs school days draw closer, Parent Advisory Council’s and Administrations might be thinking about or considering new playground structures for their school yard. Compared to the gravel or black-top surfaces, innovative technology now provides public facilities such as schools with recycle rubber flooring surface options that offer a number of benefits. We can now create a playground space that is not only attractive and functional, but also feature eco-friendly attributes and long-term, economical savings.

Children llike brilliant colours. Schools are able to choose school colours and school mascots as part of the design of the rubber floor. Mats are available in a broad selection of colours, variations and thicknesses. Rubber flooring can be personalized in vivid colors and with logos. Combining these types and colors creates an inviting area where children will take pleasure playing.

The sound absorbency of rubber flooring minimizes the dilemma of noise. Rubber absorbs
the sounds rather than reflecting it. In areas where schools are in the centre of a neighbourhood where people are sleeping or functioning in the course of the day, cutting down the sounds of young children at play is needed. The sound of children playing isn’t totally eliminated but it is lowered considerably.

Rubber playground surfaces repel dirt effectively. They are simply maintained
with routine care. Sweeping the surface of debris with a broom followed by cleaning with mild soap and water will help to maintain the surface. Our product is backed by a five year warranty.

Rubber playground surfaces are very durable. Our rubber surfaces withstand both extremes in temperature and ground movements.. They are proven to last, standing up to quite a few many years of abuse and play. They keep their shape no matter how hard youngsters are on it. Their sturdiness can make them a smart money option if looked after properly, they will not need to be replaced quickly.

Rubber Playground Surfaces Offer Cushioned Comfort

Our poured in place rubber playground paving provides a great solution for playgrounds. Eco Paving is easily customized to meet the design of any playground, ASTM critical fall height requirements, and offers a non slip surface which greatly reduces the risk of injury to your children.

Playground rubber floor surfaces are rapidly turning into a well-liked choice in ground surface coverings in playgrounds and parks around the province. When studying for your surface alternatives, find a specialist who can give you in depth information.

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