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At Eco Paving we help homeowners enjoy their outdoor spaces more by resurfacing their outdated and unsafe patios with our beautiful Eco Paving! Our product is available in many colors which look amazing and enhance your outdoor living. 

Imagine how great your summer can be with a beautiful new patio! 93% of our clients actively spend more time outdoors with their friends and family after choosing our patio paving services. 

If your patio is worn, unsightly, or unsafe give us a call for a free quote today!

Here are the benefits you will enjoy

Looks Amazing

Feel good about the look of your home

Safety Surface

Non slip surface that eliminates tripping hazards

Best warranty

Typically 5x longer than asphalt or concrete


Costs up to 30% less than concrete

Eco Friendly

Eco rubber paving is 100% recycled rubber

Looks Amazing

Fun For Whole Family

Save Money

Feel Safe


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People Love Eco Paving

Enjoy Outdoor Spaces More

93% of our client spend more time outside with family, friends, and loved ones. 

Increase property value

Feel good about making a sound investment into your home and enhance the appearance of your home

Non Slip Surface

Non slip surface even when wet and softer than other paving materials providing maximum safety for your space.


Snow doesn’t stick to rubber therefore it is easily removed from the patio.

It depends on the use of the individual. However, we recommend every 5 Years

Eco Paving has a long life span and we have projects that we haven’t touched up in close to 15 years! Your patio life span will be close to15-25 years depending on the usage and maintenance.
Eco Paving costs on average 30-60% less than a patio replacement with concrete. This, also, depends on the size and difficulty. 
We recommend a re-seal every 4-5 years which strengthens the top coat of the surface. This is a recommendation and the majority of the time, our clients wait longer as it is not needed after 5 years. 
Yes! Eco Paving was designed to be flexible and move with future ground movements so we can resurface your existing patio and we love doing it!

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We are Growing Fast

Our Product is Flexible

Eco Paving can be applied over existing surfaces because our product was designed to move with future ground movements.

What Our Clients Say

Eco Paving’s Average online Rating 4.8/5

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