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Made From 100% Recycled Rubber – Eco Friendly Paving


It is the blend of Eco and Premium Rubber


New German Rubber – 100% high quality rubber



Made of 100% recycled rubber our eco rubber option is our most cost effective option, and looks great! 

We have six colours available, and the colours are dyed on site during paving day. We can only do solid colours in the eco rubber line.

Driveways are only available in black and charcoal. We can do borders in the eco rubber option. We don’t install pool decks in Eco Rubber. 

It has a similar durability as Hybrid, and Premium. It requires little maintenance looks amazing year round!

Starting at $9.00 A Square foot


eco and german rubber mix

Our hybrid rubber takes the best of both worlds and combines our eco rubber, and premium German rubber.

If your looking for a product to really turn heads look no further! We can expertly match and enhance any exterior decor with Hybrid.

We are able to do multiple colours in the mix, and makes the projects look even better! The colours are pre coloured which allows us to do the multiple colours. 

There are no limitations for driveways, and we can do custom colours. We have six standard blends on the right which are the most common.

Starting at $12.50 A Square foot


100% German Materials

Premium is our most exclusive line, and consists of the highest quality rubber granules in the world. 

The rubber is manufactured in Germany, and is the highest quality material we install. We can do countless colour options, borders, designs, and the projects turn out amazing! Every project is unique and sparkles.

If you want the best and take your property to the next level get a free quote on our premium option. Your home will thank you for it!

Starting at $15.00 A Square foot


No we are only able to use single colours with eco rubber. 

We can only use black or charcoal. 

We offer a five-year warranty against cracking, typically five times longer than a concrete or asphalt company.

They have a similar durability, and lifespan. The hybrid, and premium works better for driveways. 

No we can only use hybrid, and premium. 

Yes! We can do multiple colours in our Hybrid, and Premium paving products. We can also do custom projects, and designs.  

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