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Feel Good About The Look Of Your Home

What is Eco Paving

Eco Paving is 100% recycled rubber paving which can be applied over virtually any surface including asphalt, concrete, tile, pavers, road base, and even a torch on membrane.

Our product was designed to be flexible so it can be applied over broken and cracked surfaces without cracking.

This extreme flexibility allows our paving to move with any future ground movement and saves money because we don’t need to remove the existing surface. 

Here are the benefits you will enjoy

Looks Amazing

Feel good about the look of your home

Safety Surface

Non slip surface that eliminates tripping hazards

Best warranty

Typically 5x longer than asphalt or concrete

Eco Friendly

Eco rubber paving is 100% recycled rubber


Costs up to 30% less than concrete

Our Rubber Paving Can Be Applied Over Any Broken Surface - which Saves you Money!

We can pave over any of the below products





Torch on

Looks Amazing

Saves Money

Feel Safe

Warranty Information

Residential Projects

Pool Deck

Commercial Projects

Splash Parks

People Love THIS ABOUT Eco Paving

Borders and Design

We can install custom borders and designs which truly make your home look amazing.

Long Lasting

Once installed Eco Paving is crack resistant and looks amazing years after installation!

Low Maintenance

Eco Paving doesn’t require annual sealing and power washing. Once installed you spread it and forget it!

Eco Paving is Flexible

Eco Paving can be applied over existing surfaces because our product was designed to move with future ground movements.

WE GET Your Job Done Right Every time


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Yes! Ice doesn’t really build up on the surface and snow is easier to shovel off of rubber than concrete or asphalt.

It depends on the type of rubber you select, the project location, and the size. We are typically 30% less than concrete. 

It is typically 25 + years.

We offer a five-year warranty against cracking, typically five times longer than a concrete or asphalt company.

 Eco Paving has a long life span and depending on usage, you should expect it to last 15-25 years

Eco Paving requires maintenance. We suggest a pressure washing every once in a while. 

 Yes! Eco Paving was designed to be flexible to go over existing cracked asphalt, concrete, pavers, tile, and can be applied over most surfaces.

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