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Our driveway paving offers durable low cost driveway repair options

Are you looking for a driveway paving company or driveway repair to resurface your existing driveway to keep it looking good for years to come? Do you need a driveway paving product that will stretch and move with normal future ground movements contrary to a concrete or asphalt driveway?

Get affordable driveway repair with an innovative rubber driveway

Paving the driveway does not have to be an expensive or time consuming project. Eco Paving has a paving solution for you that is durable and offers you the ability to resurface over existing asphalt, concrete, pavers, and tiles.

Our 100% recycled rubber product adds curb appeal to your home. Eco Paving has modernized paving with rubber resurfacing that looks better, can be resurfaced over any current surface, 100% recycled, and is more cost effective than concrete or cement.

A rubber driveway will save you time and money

Imagine coming home to a beautifully paved rubber surface with no cracks or blemishes. Then imagine coming home to the same perfect looking driveway for years later.  Knowing that no extra work was required in maintaining this immaculate view. Our clients have expressed their utmost satisfaction and appreciation for our eco friendly attractive driveway paving’s solution. The facts are it is flawless for years to come and requires minimal maintenance.

A rubber driveway repair goes over your existing asphalt, concrete, pavers, and tiles for a seamless finish

Our unique product has the ability to resurface most cracked or broken asphalt, concrete, and even paver driveways. The reason we are able to resurface existing cracked surfaces is because our rubber driveway is flexible, allowing it to accommodate any future ground movements. It also eliminates the costly, time-consuming removal of existing driveway material. The flexibility of a rubber driveway minimizes cracking and the result is long lasting beauty for your home.

Rubber driveways accommodates for future ground movements

Our driveway repair or resurfacing is one of a kind in the paving industry, and has many advantages over traditional methods of paving. It is slip resistant and will provide maximum safety for your home. Our specialized and skilled driveway contractors have completed thousands of projects with the highest quality of materials and labor.

Eco paving uses rubber driveway products that are durable and backed with a 5 year warranty

Eco Paving is so durable that it is backed with a five-year warranty, which is typically five times longer than any other paving material out there.Watch this video on how rubber driveway paving differs from the old paving methods.

Need ideas on what to do with your existing driveway? We invite you to give us a call for a free driveway paving quote at 1-800-609-5408. We look forward to hearing from you with your driveway repair questions!

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