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Rubber paving has been in use for over 75 years in Europe and for more than 25 years in North America because there are so many benefits to having it installed.  

Eco Paving’s rubber paving is made from recycled, granulated rubber and is combined with a specially-formulated binder. The two components are mixed at a precise ratio to produce our paving product and can be poured onto virtually any surface.

The demand for rubber paving has increased for three main reasons:

  1. Diverse application
  2. Great Value
  3. Practical advantages

This blog will break down the benefits of rubber paving to equip you with the knowledge you need to be reassured that no matter the application, rubber paving by Eco Paving can be a great fit for your paving needs.

Diverse Applications

Rubber paving can be applied directly over a number of surfaces, including asphalt, brick, concrete, roofing membrane, paving stones, tile, wood, and even crushed limestone and gravel.

Because of our product’s ability to adapt to so many surfaces, the ways in which you can use rubber paving are nearly endless.

You can have a rubber-paved driveway, pool deck, playground, daycare, walkways, and stairs.

Given that our product is primarily recycled rubber, surfaces are far less prone to being slippery and that’s an important advantage Eco Paving has around wet surfaces or surfaces that can get covered with snow and ice.


Great Value

The value of Eco Paving products is unquestionable. For starters, rubber paving can be used to resurface most existing surfaces so there’s no need to dig up your existing surfaces.

The ability to pave over existing surfaces with rubber paving means some of our resurfacing options are up to 30-40% less expensive than concrete removal and replacement.

Eco Paving’s product and installation also comes with an industry leading five-year warranty.

Our ability to offer such a great warranty is thanks to the product. Rubber pavement has the ability to expand and contract to adapt to the most extreme weather conditions and ground movements. This means that the product’s resiliency minimizes the cracking that is more commonly experienced with concrete and asphalt.

Eco Paving has completed thousands of projects in Canada and has never had a project crack!

We also offer financing options with low monthly payments so that our clients can use our great product around their home without having to worry about paying in-full all at once.


Practical Advantages


We all know that accidents happen. Kids running alongside a pool can slip and fall and people of all ages can take a tumble because of the ice and snow. Whether it’s in the backyard, on the patio, or on the driveway, falling down on hard surfaces can cause injuries.

Rubber pavement is cushiony, soft, and slip-resistant, it’s classified as a safety surface and it’s undoubtedly a safer alternative to traditional outdoor surfaces.

Environmental Benefits

Eco Paving’s product is made of 100% recycled material.

Beyond our product, Eco Paving is proud to have made enough donations to plant over 1,500 trees in the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest at the University of British Columbia.

Commercial or Residential

On the commercial side, our rubber pavement has been used for apartment entrances, medians, public playgrounds, splash parks, and sidewalks.

For residential projects, we’ve paved pool decks, driveways, entrance ways, patios, and just about any other outdoor home surface you could imagine.

Variety of Colours

Our product comes in several attractive colours that we can colour-match with your existing decor to give you exactly the look you want for your space.

Completion Time

The majority of our projects are done in a single day and are ready to accommodate foot traffic within 24 hours.

There’s no product like Eco Rubber

Eco Paving’s recycled rubber surface solution is safer, requires less maintenance, and less installation time than traditional alternatives.

Combine that with our industry-leading five-year warranty and the cost-effectiveness of not having to remove old surfaces, and it becomes clear why the popularity of rubber paving is on the rise.

We’re here to help you find the right paving solution for your home or business. If you’d like to schedule a free, no obligation quote or contact us for any reason, click here.