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Save Money

Our eco rubber paving, can easily resurface broken, cracked, and unsightly asphalt or concrete because our product is flexible, which saves money!

Long Lasting

Our paving greatly improves the appearance of your home and continues to look amazing years after installation.

5x the Guarantee

Eco Paving is backed by the best warranty in the paving industry which is typically 5x longer than asphalt or concrete. 

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We Stand apart from the other paving companies

We created our eco rubber paving as an alternative to the traditional methods of paving. Our product is 100% recycled material and was designed to be flexible to accommodate future ground movements enabling us to resurface cracked, and old asphalt, concrete, pavers, tile, and can be applied over any subfloor. In the process reducing waste.​

About Ecopaving

Ecopaving is the best way to pave and resurface your property

8 Reasons you will love Eco Paving

  • Resurfacing - With our rubber paving, we can easily resurface asphalt or concrete because our product is flexible, which saves money!
  • Non Cracking - Our rubber paving is flexible and accommodates future ground movements, which greatly minimizes the risk of cracking in the future. We've completed thousands of projects and have never had any cracking
  • Non Slip Surface - Our paving is a non-slip surface even when wet and absorbs impact to provide maximum safety for your property
  • Appearance - Our paving greatly improves the appearance of your home and continues to look amazing years after installation because the product is crack-resistant!
  • Colours - We have 16 colours to choose from! Custom options are also available to match any existing decor or preferences
  • Maintenance - Eco Paving is less prone to algae than other products and stays looking great all year round! As a result, it doesn't need to be power washed annually
  • Financing - We offer low monthly payments for our installations if preferred by the client
  • Warranty - Eco Paving comes with a five-year warranty against cracking, which is typically five times greater than asphalt or concrete warranties

Frequently asked Questions

What is Eco Paving?
Granulated rubber combined with our specially formulated binder. The two components are mixed at a specific ratio to produce our paving, and can be poured onto virtually any surface.
Where can rubber flooring be applied?

Eco Paving can be applied directly over asphalt, brick, concrete, roofing membrane, paving stones, tile, wood, and even over a crushed limestone or a gravel base.

What are the most common application types for rubber paving?

Typically installed onto driveways, pool decks, patios, stairs, walkways, splash pads, playgrounds, daycare play areas, and many other commercial and residential areas.

What is the curing or drying time from rubber paving?

Typically a installation will be ready for foot traffic within 24 hours.

What is its durability of rubber flooring?

There is current rubber paving installations 30 years old. Rubber has an incredible resilience to harsh weather.

Is maintenance required for rubber flooring or rubber driveways?

All Eco Paving surfaces are easily maintained, and will come with a spec sheet detailing how to care for the surface. It requires minimal sealing in comparison to concrete/asphalt.

How large of an area can be covered in a day?

Our installation teams can cover approximately 2500 square feet in a day. Even higher numbers can be achieved with additional paving crews.

Does the snow and Ice affect it the product?

Ice doesn’t build up on the surface, and shovelling snow is easy as a result. We recommend using a plastic shovel for snow removal.

Is it rubber flooring and rubber driveways repairable?

Eco Paving is easily repairable, and can be patched with ease.

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