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Eco friendly pool deck pavers & pool deck resurfacing

Would you rather have a cushiony, colourful, soft on the feet, and slip-resistant surface or a broken, cracked up, hard-as-rock concrete to walk on while you are around your pool deck?

Eco Paving are environmentally friendly pool deck pavers. The eco friendly deck is made of 100% recycled rubber. Our pool deck resurfacing is classified as a safety surface, therefore making rubber paving a mandatory feature for pool surfaces in 30 states in the USA. Eco Paving provide a natural non-slip surface, and is much softer than traditional concrete, and feels great to walk on.

Rubber pool deck resurfacing covers asphalt, concrete, and tiles with a seamless finish

Not only does our rubber paving cover the old cracked up sub-floors, our seamless flexible surface prevents any cracks from future grounds movements, and always keeps your deck looking new.

The rubber pool deck is backed with a 5 year warranty

No one can't guarantee that the earth underneath the concrete deck will not move in 5 years but Eco Paving can guarantee that the rubber deck is so durable and flexible to ground movements that they back their product with a 5 year guarantee. Expect your rubber deck to be looking great for many years to come.

Pool deck pavers provide pool deck resurfacing that is durable and has long lasting beauty

Your family and guests will enjoy walking on attractive, cushioned, slip-resistant surfaces that will stand the test time, while helping reduce the risk of injury from accidental falls.

93% of our clients spend more time outdoors after choosing to purchase a rubber pool deck surface from our company. Your new deck surface will be the talk of your next pool party!

Don’t waste another summer with your unsatisfactory or unsafe pool deck. Call us now at 1-800-609-5408 for a free pool deck consultation.

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