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Are you looking for an affordable and appealing look to your driveway, walkway, staircase, or playground flooring? Did you know there is a durable and eco friendly option that traditional paving companies do not use?

Traditional paving companies have been using concrete and asphalt to pave driveways, stairs and walkways for a long time now. The problem with asphalt and concrete paving products is less talked about.

Disadvantage of concrete and asphalt by traditional paving companies

  •  Asphalt will break down and crumble and requires regular sealing.
  • Concrete and asphalt can be slippery when it gets wet
  • Concrete and asphalt is hard if you fall on it.
  • Concrete and asphalt is not flexible to normal ground movement
  • It goes green with algae, and requires more maintenance

Advantage of eco friendly recycled rubber surfaces

  • Environmentally friendly paving
  • Stunning curb appeal colours
  • Durable rubber paving products
  • Non slip surfaces
  • Cushioned surface to absorb fall impacts

Where are rubber paving companies getting this material from?

rubber example from paving companiesWe get some of our products locally, and some internationally. The rubber material is a non slip surface similar to the material that a running track that athletes and kids run and exercise on. The rubber material is recycled and non slip which can be used rain or shine. This reliable rubber surface is durable. It lasts much longer than asphalt.


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Do paving companies really use rubber for driveways, sidewalks or stairwells?

From the video you can see how recycled rubber is ground down, melted and spread across a surface to provide a flexible, durable, and affordable rubber surface that can be used as walkways, driveways or pool decks.

Why are consumers choosing rubber paving companies now?

  • flexible with future ground movement
  • ability to resurface over existing surfaces like concrete, aspalt, and pavers
  • durable
  • easy to repair
  • recycled material
  • eco friendly
  • affordable
  • long lasting

Read and learn from the article, What is rubber paving? Our local paving companies are experts in driveway paving, driveway resurfacing, playground mulch and playground flooring, apartment building sidewalks, entrance ways, pool decks, porches, and outdoor stairways.

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