Researching tips for your driveway paving cost

Maybe you are starting to see cracks in your driveway or pieces are starting to crumble off from past ground movement and general wear and tear.  When it is time for you to consider options for your driveway call around to different paving companies and get quotes for your driveway paving cost.

New driveway paving cost questions:

  • How long does it take to pave the driveway?
  • What types of materials do you use?
  • How long will your product last for?
  • How much will your material flex with normal ground movement?

Resurfacing your driveway paving cost questions:

  • Do you have to remove the current driveway to fix it?
  • How long will the project take?
  • What types of material do you use?
  • Does your material flex with normal ground movements?
  • Is you material recycled?

Learn the advantages of a recycled rubber driveway

  • Average installation cost of a recycled rubber driveway is 30- 40% less than concrete removal and replacement
  • With rubber paving there is no need to remove the existing driveway or surface

No need to remove the existing driveway.  Recycled rubber can be laid over top of most surfaces to have a smooth durable finish that flexes with normal ground movement. This process will save you time and money.

The resurfacing of your driveway with recycled rubber is faster and more affordable than removing the whole driveway first and resurfacing the non-flexible surface.

Eco Paving is a rubber paving company that uses recycled rubber to pave walkways, driveways, stairs and pool decks.

Rubber paving offers a non-slip surface to allow for safer walking on wet days. Learn the benefits of recycled rubber flooring and rubber driveway paving companies. Contact Eco Paving to speak about driveway paving cost and options.




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