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Benefits of A Recycled Rubber Driveway

Recycled rubber driveway paving is an unmatched material that will transform your exterior entrances, walkways, staircases and driveways into a surface experience. The contemporary technology is uncrackable, inexpensive, practical, enviro-friendly and can hold up in even the most extreme weather conditions. Why should I consider a recycled rubber driveway? Moving into the Fall and Winter […]

Rubber Flooring 411

It’s easy to see why rubber is the flooring of choice for many commercial, educational and government establishments – and even, in some cases, a good choice of flooring for areas of the home. It is an environmentally friendly option, has outstanding durability, as well as resilience and is also resistant to burns, scratches, dents […]

The Benefits of Recycled Rubber Flooring for Playgrounds

As school days draw closer, Parent Advisory Council’s and Administrations might be thinking about or considering new playground structures for their school yard. Compared to the gravel or black-top surfaces, innovative technology now provides public facilities such as schools with recycle rubber flooring surface options that offer a number of benefits. We can now create […]