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Our company was started in 2010 as a means of providing a green alternative to the concrete and paving industry. Since then we have grown very quickly, and are one of the nations top 50 fastest growing companies! We are not your average paving company, and we are committed to growth, and in search of becoming the best us.

Eco Paving specializes in resurfacing both residential and commercial driveways, patios, pool decks, playgrounds, and splash pads. Our product is made out of recycled rubber and we install projects all throughout Western Canada.

We are a leader in the construction industry because we offer excellent customer service, while delivering consistent high quality work with every project. We are inspired to exceed expectations and are highly respected in the community.

Eco Paving Careers


To become a world-class organization that delivers sustainable paving to communities globally and is committed to changing our environment for the better though our practices and actions.

Eco Paving Careers


To build the world’s biggest small company - Always growing while maintaining the care, charm, love, and passion of a quality-run family business.

Eco Paving Careers


To show the world a big company can be beautiful. We will achieve our purpose through perfecting the use of technology for operational optimization, and simplification, and through the use of human connection. To dance with the past, and the future to create renovation, and workplace experiences that are are out of this world!

Eco Paving Careers

Our Goal - Cient

To create the most comfortable, creative, fun, and unique renovation experience for our clients.

Eco Paving Careers

Our Team

It’s our goal to make our people better than when they arrived at our company so they would be crazy to consider going to another job!

Eco Paving Career Values
Eco Paving Careers - Working Here
Eco Paving Career Values
Eco Paving Career Values

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