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Recycled rubber driveway paving is an unmatched material that will transform your exterior entrances, walkways, staircases and driveways into a surface experience. The contemporary technology is uncrackable, inexpensive, practical, enviro-friendly and can hold up in even the most extreme weather conditions.

Why should I consider a recycled rubber driveway?

Moving into the Fall and Winter months, considering the wild weather we can have on the West Coast, consider some of the following features Eco paving offers you when considering a recycled rubber driveway:

Learn the benefits to you when you choose a recycled rubber driveway

Curb Appeal: It’s always nice to have an aesthetic advantage. The neighbours will be slowing down to take a look at your sleek and stunning driveway.

Multi-Climate Capable: Climate changes can be detrimental to any surface, but the Eco paving product can handle anything Mother Nature has to offer. This rubber option will freeze without cracking or expanding and will later thaw without a fuss.

Enviro-Friendly: Eco paving is a one of a kind in the Vancouver paving industry,. This non-toxic, recycled option means you are going green.

Money Mindful: Concrete and asphalt can get pricey, and their return on investment is not exactly impressive. The easy overlay option allows you to skip pricey demolition and the low maintenance promise prevents additional upkeep costs.

Designed for Durability: The crack-resistant, flexible modern material will hold up for the long haul. The durable, seamless ground is made to manage minor ground movement and will maintain its integrity in any condition. You won’t need to reseal your product or pick grass from in between the interlocking bricks, and it won’t crack with minor ground movements.

Worry-Free 5-Year Warranty: If you’re investing in a Eco paving driveway, you can trust that the commitment is mutual. The warranty on this rubber surfacing is double that of asphalt. and will provide both material and installation coverage for a hearty decade.

Learn about rubber flooring for playground mulch,  waterparks and splashparks,  pool decks, driveway resurfacing, and driveway paving.  Send an email to Eco Paving or call us for a free rubber driveway paving quote.  Call 1-888-559-2596