Apartment Entrance Paving

Apartment Entrance Paving

Do any of the properties you currently manage have entrances or sidewalks that are unattractive, or have an issue with regards to tripping hazards?

Eco Paving offers environmentally friendly resurfacing options, which can make an old and ugly apartment entrance beautiful once more.

Our paving is 100% recycled rubber, and is available in several colours. We can expertly colour match to your building. Our product has many great safety features. Once installed you will experience a non-slip surface, with a much softer than traditional concrete, that greatly reduces the risk of injury on a property.

Our entrance and sidewalk paving offers non slip surfaces for safer walking areas

In addition to the great safety features our paving provides, we are able to resurface and complete 88% of our projects in one day. In addition, we do not require an expensive removal, and your property is ready for light foot traffic the following day. The building will be disrupted at minimal levels. The finished product is ready to use faster than any other product available on the market.

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